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          The name of employers, other details cited and listed here below are our activities record which we have successfully been performing in supplying of Myanmar workmen during from November 2004 to now for your consideration and reference.

Employer Nationality Country of Employment
AudexPte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Citic Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Commercial Industrial Supplies & Services Pe.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Easts Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
EnvipurePte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Ep Elevator Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Hong Te Marine Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Hong Ye Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Kenyon Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Man Fut Tong Nuring Home Myanmar Singapore
Master Builder Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Megawatts Engineering Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
NMB Singapore L Limited (CHA) Myanmar Singapore
P.P.L Shipyard Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Panasonic Refrigeration Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
S.M.O.E Pte.Ltd (Marine) Myanmar Singapore
Sanko (Singapore) Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Shin-Yo Marine Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Steel Improvement & Trading Co.,Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Trisome Tech Services & Supply Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
U.S Base Co.,Ltd Myanmar Singapore
U.S Copper Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Yongnam Engineering & Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Yongnam Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Multi-Task Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Keppel Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Tycoon Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Semb Corp Design & Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
HiapSeng Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
M.K.F Engineering Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Sembcorp Design & Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
SiongLeng Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
St.Luke's Hospital Myanmar Singapore
Johong Machinery & Automation Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Thong Kheng Welfare Services Society Myanmar Singapore
Parkway Hostipal Myanmar Singapore
HVAC Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Awards Industries Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Chua Industrial & Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Scope Marine & Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Plant Electrical Instrumentation Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Plant Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
M.A.C System Enterprise Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Sumet Trading & Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
M.K.F Engineering Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Haven Automation Marine Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Oceanic Underwater Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Hwa Leong Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Lisoon Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Aedge Technologies Pte.Ltd Myanmar  Singapore­
InsituEnvirotech (S.E.Asia) Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Lim Teck Yong Building Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Boon Yong Electrical Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Logistics Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Roong Tat Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Poly Way Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Atlantic Team Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Blue-Sea Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
OHM Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
HupSengHuat Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar  Singapore
Jireh Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Compass Builder Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Yeng Tong Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
GDS Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Watson E P Industries Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
SAS Scaffold Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Tellus Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
D & N Contro Technical Services  Myanmar Singapore
Cosco Marine Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Top Gun Leisure Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Sh Integrated Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Top Gun Leisure Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Meisei International Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Kiat Lee Landscape & Building Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Lesus Engineering Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
S H Intergrated Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Singapore
Employer Nationality Country of Employment
Amindo Packaging Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Asia Pack Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
B.S Precision Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Best Century Management Services Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Best Chicken Hor Fun Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Chew Chun Restaurant Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Coffee Street Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Conquest Fire Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Cool Max Enterprise Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Cybax Equipment Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
DelimaGagahSdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
E.Cast Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Ension Industries Snd.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Esquire Technology Snd.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Five Quays Engineering Snd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Fox Custom Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Greenery Spectrum Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Hidraw Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Hock Lye Fishery Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Jiaxing Tech Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Jit Sheng Building Construction Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
KBC Construction Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
KeatSengRestoranSdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
KH Industrial Supplies (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
KilangPapan Hunt Lee Hong Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Kin Kun Vehicle Body Snd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
La Delight Pastry & Bakery Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Lar Max Trading (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Leader Pack Enterprise Snd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Lean GaikHokkienMee House Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Lee Tiong Refrigeration Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Maxonic Marketing Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Micro Carbide Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Millennium Laundry and Dry Cleaning Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
MorsonSdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Nation Gate Technology Snd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Northern Builder Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
PasirTumboh Wood Products Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
PetrofirmaSdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Poly Glass Enterprise Sdd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Purerich Reality BerhadSdd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Restoran Good Garden Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Restoran KH Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Restoran Seri Pantai Jaya Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
RestoranShelationSdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
RestoranYai Xing Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Restoran Yu Lin Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Sam Mccoy Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Sana Venture Enterprise Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
SengHuat Xing Construction Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Sentat Construction Pte.Ltd Myanmar  Malaysia
Shin-Yo Marine Services Pte.Ltd Myanmar Malaysia
Sim Food & Drinks Services Center Myanmar  Malaysia
SMC Metal Products Snd.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Sony Tech Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
Soon Seng Gold Ornaments Wholesaler Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
SupernetSdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Syarikat Perniagaan Type Lean Sdn.Bhd Myanmar  Malaysia
TBS Form Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
TCB Food Stuff Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Teong Cheng Construction Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Torto Food Industries (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
TPK Industry Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
United Plumbing and Sanitation Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Weng Heng Joss Paper Trading Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Wong Engineering Electric Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Wong Kok Kitchen Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Yong Trading Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Zue Bao Jewelley Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
ND-Wood Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
KW Aquatic Supplies Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Chaung Aik Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
CS-YAP Metal Parts Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Steady Furniture & Trading Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Pisces Engineering Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Sheng Hoa Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Rapid Growth Technology Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Sanko Engineering (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
HHSB Enterprise Myanmar Malaysia
Focusprint Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Stellar Challenge Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Tan Ten Food Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Chi Cheng Technology (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Lianli Huat Sea Food Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
SPJC Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
K.Seng Seng Trading Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
GS Paperboard & Packaging Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Ometic Tooling Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Paling Horticulture Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Dynapharm Herbal (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Rex Canning Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Lifestyle Venture Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Teck Seong Food Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Anshin Percision Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Nichicon (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Ten Ten Tood Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
D & Y Textile Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
C & W Packaging Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Central Melamineware Sdn.Bhd  Myanmar Malaysia
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices    
(M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Xinyi Solar (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Xinyi Energy Smart (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Gosford Leather Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Taitsu Electronics Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Amaire Auto Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
S.A Network Technology Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Loveseat Industries Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Construction Labour Exchange Center Berhad Myanmar Malaysia
Golden Peacock Restaurant Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
SMK Electronic (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Fukushima Astic (M) Sdn.Bhd Myanmar Malaysia
Employer Nationality Country of Employment
Al Saswa Engineering W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Eurabia Gold/ Metalica W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Crompton International & Contracting-Co W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
AL Jarallah General Construction W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
United Permas Pte.Ltd Myanmar Qatar
Ct. Construction Technology Trading W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Contracting W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Cresent Technical Services W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Uited Group Services W.L.L Myanmar Qatar
Employer Nationality Country of Employment
Amormvithaya Limited Partnership Myanmar Thailand
Fah Chun Development Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Vachirothon Co.,Ltd Partnership Myanmar Thailand
A Power Kensetsu Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Home Building and Décor Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Metro Spinning Ayuthaya Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Srinanaporn Marketing Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
V.N Wood All Product Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Thai Garment Export Co.,Ltd Myanmar Thailand
Employer Nationality Country of Employment
Song Da 5 Joint-Stock Company Myanmar Loas

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