Traning & Interview

RPS Human Resources Department

Whatever the clients' requirements, our manpower services are capable of selecting qualified manpower to suit their exact needs. As part of our service, we strictly screen the required workers according to clients needs, conduct an interview and a medical examination, a paper examination, a pre-test to examine applicants' skill in practice, and send the selected workers for the client's approval in some cases. Orientation on cultural background, laws and regulation of the employer's country as well as site briefing and extra practice in the workshop to train, test and upgrade these workers are also provided which will enable them to meet the clients' requirements. In addition, we are also responsible for the workers' documentation, visa processing, ticketing and embarkation at the airport. Should there be any problems afterwards in employer's country, our executives will be on hand to cope with the problem at any time.

Recruitment Procedure

1.Client's order initiates RPS screening mechanism.
2.Each applicant undergoes a medical examination.
3.The fit and strong applicants will then be interviewed.
4.The paper test and pre-test (practice) await those who passed step 3. To end the screening mechanism, the successful.
5.Orientation and extra work shop training will then.
6.Applicants need the final approval of client be conducted.
7.After orientation and training, it's time for the preparation of travel documents and visa processing. Client order
8.Visa approval leads to the acquisition of air tickets.
9.Now ready to depart, the workers embarks for the employer's country.

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